About Love Bluffton, Buy Local
Love Bluffton, Buy Local is a movement designed to encourage the people of Bluffton to spend their money locally.

Or goal is to motivate people to start thinking more about keeping their shopping habits local; whether that is eating out, buying clothes, grocery shopping, or getting their car fixed. This is a non agenda movement, not sponsored by or campaigned by any particular group and will not be claimed by or exclusive to any particular group, ie. chamber(s), obtms, etc. We are simply trying to raise awareness with our fellow Blufftonians to shop/buy/eat/consume local, because it really does make a difference to all of our local businesses and economy, which as you know are not just businesses, they are our friends, neighbors, and the future of our children.

We are starting off with a short run of posters for locally owned businesses. If you would like a poster, please contact Josh Cooke at jcooke7@gmail.com, 843-715-1479 or stop by The Corner Perk to pick one up.